Welcome to Lapid Art

LapiLapid Art Shopd Art is a mineral, gem, crystal, fossil and jewellery shop, located in the historic City of Lincoln, England. Lincoln is a well known tourist destination famous for its Cathedral, Castle, the Magna Carta and the Christmas Market.

Our shop offers a wide range of interesting and curious , suitable for both tourists and serious collectors. Lapid Art Shop Interior 1Prices range from fifty pence, to several hundred pounds for some of the highest quality items of lapidary available in the county of Lincolnshire.

Lapid Art Shop Interior 2We pride ourselves in always retaining a good quantity and variety of fossils. We have everything from Devonian period ammonites, to Jurassic dinosaur bones. On occasion we do stock items pertaining to the early mammals, such as the Woolly Mammoth. Locally sourced fossils are available too, from Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. These have proved to be a very popular purchase amongst the many tourists who visit the shop.

In addition to our extensive range of gems, minerals and fossils we are able to offer our own in house, hand crafted jewellery, manufactured by the business owner Gareth Jones. This jewellery is only available in limited quantities, in our store and offers an opportunity to purchase a truly unique item.

Lapid Art’s stock is constantly changing, so please do not hesitate to contact us if there is anything you think we may be able to supply.