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How to choose the right crystal for you?

How do I choose the right crystal is a question I get asked ALL the time!

Its super important you get the right crystals for you and there are a few different ways you can ensure this happens. Of course, I would always recommend going into a crystal shop so you can really feel and experience it, but I know this isn’t always practical (especially during these weird times in the middle of a pandemic!). I’ve tried to outline the best ways to choose the best crystals for you & your energy.

My personal preference is to see which crystals you are drawn to, this is the crystal calling you.

Pop into a crystal shop and have a look to see which ones draw your attention. If you don’t feel confident enough to go off your intuition you can pick the crystals up and hold them, they tend to get hot or create a tingle in your hand.

Always trust your gut instinct if you’re unsure on which crystals are drawing your attention, sometimes you may even read the healing properties of the crystal and think I don’t need that! But more often then not you will find something happens in the near future that you need the crystal for, as much as they’re not ‘magical’ they can pick up on your energy misalignment before you do.

You can also use a pendulum to choose a crystal, which is essentially a chain with a pointed crystal on the end. If you place some crystals in your hand hold the pendulum over the crystals with your other hand, you can ask which crystal is best for you and the pendulum will stay still on the one with the correct vibrations for you, you could also do this with the crystals one by one if you felt more confident this way.

Also don’t be embarrassed doing this in a crystal shop, I completely understand it takes times to find the perfect crystal so there will be no judgement if you’re talking to your pendulum!

Now I know its not that easy to just pop into a crystal shop to choose crystals and you may only be able to look online, don’t worry though you can still make sure it’s the right crystal for you.

There are thousands of different crystals and each has its own specific meaning due to the varying vibrations, so its always a good idea to have an intention in mind for your crystal.

All good online crystal shops will have a description of the healing side of the crystal to help you make your decision, for example if you are feeling particularly anxious Black Tourmaline is really good for calming anxiety and reducing negative energies. We have small tumble stone sets for various intentions including Motivation and Protection which help narrow down your options if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

As with choosing crystals based on intention you can also chose a crystal dependant on Chakra, if you feel a particular Chakra is blocked and you’re wanting to open and balance it there will be certain crystals that can help with each individual Chakra. Each chakra is associated with a colour and most of the crystals that are aligned with a chakra will be of that colour, but again any good crystal shop will inform you which crystals work with each Chakra.

And finally Astrological Signs can be a good place to start when deciding which crystal is best for you, this is a really good option when buying crystals as a gift or if you’re really stuck on which crystals to chose for yourself. Certain crystals are aligned with different Zodiac signs, these crystals will amplify your personal traits and strength.

I hope this has helped to simplify how to chose your crystals and it doesn’t feel like such a difficult task anymore!

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