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Stuck on what to buy for Valentines Day? We’ve got you covered…

Valentines Day is on the horizon but don’t panic if you’ve left it until last minute, check out our gift guide for great ideas to buy your loved one. We’ve tried to cover every base with these suggestions, the best thing about Crystals is you can gift them to anyone.


Under £10

Gemstone Bracelets


We have lovely gemstone bracelets that come in a wide variety of crystals, this gives you the chance to gift something that really means something. Each bracelet comes with a card detailing the healing properties of the bracelet, if you are struggling here is a few of our favourites!

Amethyst – Protection

Rose Quartz – Love

Aventurine – Luck

Love Giftset


The perfect little gift to show your love & appreciation.

These gift sets include Rose Quartz for unconditional love, Moonstone for new beginnings and Selenite to create a safe and peaceful space for love to blossom. They come with a card highlighting the healing properties & a cute gift bag.

Gemstone Heart

£7 (instore only)

What better way to say I love you with a crystal heart. We have various gemstone hearts available each with its own specific meaning including Rose Quartz for Love, Amazonite for Calming, Carnelian for Motivation and many more! Each heart comes with a gift bag & info card.


Under £20

Quartz Point

£20 (prices vary depending on size)

Clear Quartz is known as a master healer and amplifies the energy of other crystals. A lovely addition to any room, this crystal can help purify the mind and give one patience, which is super important when it comes to love & relationships. These points come in various sizes and prices, available in store & online.

Agate Necklace


These agate necklaces are a fantastic gift for a loved one as they will create a shield and protect the wearer from negativity. Agate is also good for emotional security and energy, plus they are pretty to look at!

Rose Quartz Necklace


The best thing about jewellery is it always fits!

This Rose Quartz necklace is the perfect gift to show you love someone and it looks pretty too. Rose Quartz symbolises love, romance and creativity, this crystal also helps to enhance female qualities and energy. This necklace is silver plated and comes in a dainty box with a healing card.


Under £50

Rose quartz candle holder


The ideal gift, who doesn’t like candles and crystals?

The best thing about this is the candle will enhance the crystals energy, spreading love & happiness.

Includes a tealight candle.


from £35

This crystal is a personal favourite of mine, it catches the light beautifully and really sparkles. Celestite promotes respectful love & is good for creative expression. We have a variety of different clusters, eggs & hearts created with Celestite.

Rose Quartz Orb


I know I know, I’ve gone Rose Quartz overload but I couldn’t resist! An orb is great shape for a crystal as they direct energy in all different directions equally, so perfect for the person you love to spread Rose Quartz energy. These Orbs look really lovely on a work desk or dressing table as a little boost when you need one.


Hopefully this brief gift guide has helped narrow down your Valentines gift choice, if you’re still stuck drop me a message and I’ll give you a hand!

Take Care,

Lapid Art Crystals

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