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The 7 most popular shapes of crystals

I know sometimes when I’m explaining crystals to people they look at me like I’m talking gibberish, which don’t get me wrong 9 times out of 10 I usually am babbling on.

I thought it might be helpful to explain the different shapes crystals can come in and why they are shaped like this.

Believe it or not each shape and type of crystals controls energy differently, which means they are more beneficial to use in certain crystal healing processes.


Geodes are natural and found like this. They can vary in size, shape and crystal quite drastically from quartz geodes to agate geodes there is a wide spectrum of these crystals.

A geode is a crystal encased within a cave or matrix with multi terminated points. Geodes are fantastic for energising a space due to them containing energy within the geode.

For example Quartz Geodes will create a flow of chi energy when placed in a room.


Crystal clusters again are natural and come from the earth like this, they come in so many different kinds of crystal for example amethyst.

A cluster is multi terminated points within one crystal, usually on matrix (natural rock). Clusters are great for recharging other crystals, you can place smaller crystals on to a crystal cluster for 24 hours and this will give your crystals an energy boost.

They are also great for bringing peace and harmony to a space as well as their individual energies, for example Amethyst will create a protective shield.


A wand is fantastic to use when practising crystal healing, you can get various different shapes and sizes of wands but we stick to the hexagonal single terminated wands, these ensure you can direct energies more precisely.

When using a wand you simply point the wand towards the area you want to direct the energy to, or alternatively direct the wand away from the area you want to remove negative energies from.


Crystal points can be natural or sculpted into shape, you can usually tell if they are polished as natural points tend not to have perfectly flat bottoms so don’t stand up very well.

The most common crystal points are clear quartz which is a fab healing crystal as it is an amplifier so can intensify the energy from other crystals, which is why they are used in the centre of crystal grids.

Crystal points are great for controlling energy flow and placed in a room with release a steady stream of positive energy.


Crystal Spheres or Orbs are sculpted into shape by polished a large piece of crystal, these are perfect for meditation as they direct energy in all different directions equally, also great for putting on a work desk when you need a little pick me up.

They make great centre pieces for crystal grids too.


Crystal Eggs are polished in to shape and are not natural. Crystals Eggs are great for reflexology and meditation due to the shape naturally fitting into the palm of your hand.

They can also direct the energy through the top of the egg.


Tumbled gemstones are really popular due to them being small enough to carry with you wherever you go.

These little crystals are put into a tumbling machine which polishes them into small smooth crystals, they are also super for

Chakra work as they are small enough to place on the Chakras.

A really good crystal option for when you need a pick me up but don’t have time for meditating, pop in a little pouch and into you pocket or handbag for on the go.

Hopefully this has clarified a little on different types of crystal shapes, of course there are many more but the ones I have outlined tend to be the most popular that we have in store.

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