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Why do I need crystals in my life?

I know there will be so many people out there that don’t believe anything about crystal healing and I completely agree everyone is entitled to their views and opinions. However, if you want to know why you need crystals in your life you’ve come to the right place!

Ever felt drained, lacking energy or generally down in the dumps?

This can all be caused by a misalignment within your energy and crystals are a great way of rectifying this. Crystal healing can help in so many ways from creating a protective shield keeping away negative energy to boosting your mood and it all depends on the crystal and how you use it. Think of crystal use as though you are stabilising your very unsteady energy, helping bring calm and tranquillity internally.

This is a simple way to explain it…

Crystals are one of the oldest things on the planet which can be traced all the way back to near enough when the earth was formed, which makes sense as they are a naturally occurring mineral. When you think about crystal healing simply, everything in the universe is created by vibrations, atoms and energy including the earth - crystals are from the earth & we live, breath and stand on the earth.

When we as humans have an issue whether that be emotional, mental or physical it means there’s a misalignment within our energy, a crystal will return your energy to the frequency it should vibrate at, meaning you are back in line with where you need to be and centred onto the earth’s frequency.

Each crystal vibrates at different frequencies depending on lots of different things, for example colour, and these crystals can be used to rebalance your energy and effectively heal your problem.

For me personally crystals were a life changer and its not something I talk about very often but I always think its important to only endorse something you truly believe in. Last year I had the worst anxiety and depression that just came out of nowhere, I tried counselling and therapy but nothing helped. Then earlier this year I took over the crystal shop and I feel this was the universe trying to help me, being around crystals everyday and working with them so closely has really helped me to feel positive & happy and to be honest I’ve never looked back.

When it comes to crystals it is really each to their own on how you want to work with them and what you feel will be beneficial for you, for me after some research I found selecting a few crystals that I was drawn to and keeping them with me really gave me that boost I needed, which has gradually realigned my energy to help me feel truly balanced in life.

Don’t be disillusioned though into thinking I can just get a crystal and it’ll fix all my problems.

Yes, crystals are a fantastic aid on your journey to becoming a better version of yourself & yes, they enhance the work you’re already doing, but they will not work alone you need to work with them.

Of course crystal healing is not for everyone, if you’re still sceptical after reading this then maybe it isn’t for you as you do need to be open to try it, you will struggle if your energy is closed off and defensive for the crystals to help you. That doesn’t mean you can’t just enjoy having crystals to look at, after all they are super pretty & unique which makes them better than an ornament you can pick up anywhere!

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